Afri-Global Cooperation Programme Ltd (AGCP) recently conducted a visit to the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda, specifically to meet with Ambassador WANG Xuekun. The purpose of the visit was to establish a dialogue and explore potential areas of collaboration between AGCP and the Chinese government.

Key Details of the Visit:

1._Welcoming Reception:_ AGCP’s team, led by the CEO, was warmly received at the Chinese embassy by the official in charge of Commerce and the ambassador’s secretary.

2._Presentation of AGCP:_ During the visit, AGCP had the opportunity to present its core activities and demonstrate how it aligns with the Pan African Movement.

3._Support from China:_ Ambassador WANG Xuekun elaborated on the various forms of support that China provides to foster Rwanda’s economic growth. This includes infrastructure development, access to the Chinese market, facilitating student visas for educational purposes, and participation in the China International Import Expo, and many more. Additionally, the ambassador discussed the potential market for Rwandan avocados in China and suggested exploring ways to streamline customs procedures for avocado exports.

Recommendations and Commitments:

1._Enhanced Collaboration:_ AGCP and Ambassador WANG Xuekun agreed to establish a close partnership, ensuring AGCP’s involvement in relevant activities, conferences, and initiatives that can benefit Rwandan entrepreneurs.

2._Information Sharing:_ AGCP committed to sharing the construction plans of the hubs in the 30 districts and 416 sectors with the Chinese embassy, for possible construction support.

3._Guest Speaker Invitation:_ The ambassador accepted the invitation to attend AGCP’s Business Clinic cohort 2 as a guest speaker, sharing valuable insights and expertise.

4._Ongoing Initiative Updates:_ Both parties agreed to maintain regular communication and exchange information regarding ongoing initiatives between the Chinese embassy and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) concerning young entrepreneurs.

This visit marks an important step in fostering collaboration between AGCP and the Chinese Embassy, paving the way for future opportunities to empower Rwandan entrepreneurs and strengthen bilateral ties.

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