AFRI-GLOBAL COOPERATION PROGRAMME is a company which is basically operates in Kigali-Rwanda, it aims at touching and transforming lives through bringing skills to work in a range of disciplines inclusive entrepreneurship, health, social welfare, sport activities and culture.

 This program has come to continue building immensely into addressing issues of proper methods to skilled practices like, innovation, marketing, investment, staff management, practices of saving culture.

Through Afri-Global Cooperation programme Ltd prevalent lope holes in business will be addressed by helping young entrepreneurs to connect with investors. Our main objective is to bring awareness on a number of young entrepreneurs in their communities and empower young generation with necessary tools of work on the entrepreneur journey, not only this but also turning young entrepreneurs into agents of change.


Today’s situation is that  most people  especially in Rwanda, looking on the problem of unemployment ,  shows that  it is at  the rate of 15.0% from 2001 to 2022 reaching an all-time high of 23.80% as it has declined to 16.5% in the first quarter of 2022 as the current situation which is equivalent to a decline of 7.3%. This unemployment rate remained relatively high among females 18.2% compared to males 15.0%.

Today, Economic fallbacks, inflation rates, lack of skilled labor, proper mentorship, selecting a service or product, developing sales strategy, establishing starting funds, sustaining revenue, staffing of organization, managing employees, expanding business and also confusion about the career path they should choose, all these remain a big challenge.

In Rwanda per capita income is 5.5 USD, Rwanda’s economy has tremendously recovered over the last two decades. Rwanda’s gross domestic Product (GDP) has risen from $ 752 million in 1994 to $ 9.5billion in 2018, and the GDP per capita has grown from $125.5 to $787 during the same period.

The poverty rate has shown the rate of 91.90% in a year of 2016, a 0.7% decline from 2013. Rwanda poverty rate for 2013 was 92.6%, a 0.6% decline from 2010. Also this poverty rate for 2010 was 93.20%, a 0.5% decline from 2005. By comparing to other east African country like Kenya economic issues such as a lack of employment opportunities shows rate of (87%) and poverty (86%).

It is a big problem because from the research it leads to different effects like crimes, business closure etc

This is being caused by:

  • Lack of Financial Investment to start the Business
  • Arranging the management Business Team/Recruitment
  • Finding the Business location/ Business links
  • Resource utilization
  • To Harmonize the Relationship between firm creations, Business Environment and mitigation of businesses Deregistration
  • Abiding to business law, legislation, jurisdiction and tax declarations.



  • TVET graduates used to access start-up loan facilities however, these were frozen in 2020 and replaced by a leasing program which required the start-up to have been active for a minimum of a year. This reduced the number of graduates pursuing loans to kick off their businesses.
  • Business Development Fund (BDF) provides loans to the youth up to a tune of 75 per cent however some young people fail to raise the remaining 25 per cent required to start their businesses.
  • Acumen is a global non-profit organization that aims to solve the issue of poverty by bridging the gap between market based solutions and aid. By applying investment in entrepreneurs with social missions that can deliver social and financial returns to transform the lives of low-income people everywhere.

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